This Place Matters (a nosotros también)



As a YPA board member, one of our goals is to consider historic preservation as an important tool for redevelopment, and not as an afterthought of the planning process. In this blog I want to write about something close to me; that is, how to talk about the fragmented history of minorities in Pittsburgh and how the goals of historic preservation can help make those histories visible.  

September 15 through October 15 marks the recognition of National Hispanic Heritage Month, a type of celebration that still feels foreign in a place like Pittsburgh. However, it has been during the last couple of years that a lot has been said in excitement about the rapidly growing Latino population in the city: City counselors recognized the first Latino Day on April 19th and Latinos are positively contributing to communities like Beechview and Brookline.

The Roberto Clemente Bridge, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, during a boxing event where Pittsburgh boxers faced off against Cuban boxers.

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