Our Mission

The Young Preservationists Association (YPA) represents and promotes younger voices in historic preservation. Our organization uses community engagement and education to advocate for the preservation of historic sites and structures in the Greater Pittsburgh region. YPA insists that historic preservation is an essential tool for economic development and regional revitalization.

Young Preservationists Association from Jordan K on Vimeo.

Our Vision

Our vision is for YPA to be the premiere organization for young people in preservation.

Our Slogan

YPA’s slogan, Give life to history®, is rooted in the belief that historic preservation is more than creating museums. It involves bringing back to life old structures through restoration, adaptive reuse, and creative renovation. It also means injecting new life into an older neighborhood by constructing new structures that complement the existing community fabric and allows for pedestrian interaction.

We encourage people to become involved in a civic dialogue about how to create a better human experience in the Pittsburgh area.

Our Values

YPA’s organizational values emphasize three important concepts that are central to our work: Innovation, quality, and diversity. YPA’s events and culture supports inclusion (by embracing geographic and demographic diversity), responsiveness, and an emphasis on the economics of preservation.

YPA’s Objectives

The YPA will accomplish its mission by pursuing the following objectives:

  1. Educate young people about the value of historic preservation as a key component of economic and community renewal in their community.
  2. Train young people to use strategies and tools to preserve their history.
  3. Provide opportunities for youth participation in preservation activities.

YPA’s Value Proposition
> Community Awareness: We are active in the community, particularly African American communities; we have spoken to more than 50 different organizations and events;

> Youth Programming: We work with young people, particularly high school and college students, as well as young professionals, on unique programs that meet academic needs, and we have impacted more than 5,500 people with our community- and school-based programs;

> Publishing: We have published more than 20 unique publications and have been featured in more than 150 media stories; we also maintain a Facebook page and a Give Life to History blog;

> Civic Engagement: This includes cleanup projects, historic nominations, and collaborative ventures;

> Leadership Development: Since 2003, YPA has hosted more than 30 interns and volunteers.