The Young Preservationists Association (YPA) represents and promotes younger voices in historic preservation. Our organization uses community engagement and education to advocate for the preservation of historic sites and structures in the Greater Pittsburgh region. YPA insists that historic preservation is an essential tool for economic development and regional revitalization.

Below are some of our programs:

Top Ten

Each year, YPA releases a list of its Top Ten Preservation opportunities in the Pittsburgh region. The condition of these sites ranges from being in danger of demolition to being on the verge of reuse and revitalization. Following the Top Ten event, YPA focuses its efforts on highlighting these ten sites for the next year in addition to other preservation causes in the region.

The 2014 Top Ten list is available here:

Painting for Preservation

Originally conceived by the Young Preservationists of Buffalo, Painting for Preservation has been called one of the most positive community engagement and protest activities. In these painting events, YPA members and other local preservationists draw or point buildings at-risk of demolition. Events have been held at the Penn-Lincoln Hotel in Wilkinsburg as well as the 6012-6018 Penn Avenue.

Painting for Preservation succeeds in engaging local residents about preservation opportunities in a manner that is non-confrontational, democratic, and positive. Not only do the events capture history at risk of being lost, but they draw attention to sites in a creative way.

Speaker Series

YPA launched its Speaker Series in 2014 as a forum for public discussion. The series focuses on local history and preservation issues, but invites those from any background with interest in preservation to participate. Topics have covered Northside community history, growth, and preservation and preservation as a tool for economic development.

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Youth Voices

YPA has strived to engage local youth to participate in preservation efforts. The Youth Voices blog series allows young people in the Pittsburgh region to talk about some of their favorite historic sites. Youth of all ages can participate.

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Historic Happy Hour

YPA regularly hosts happy hours!  These are great opportunities to network with the local preservation community!