YPA’s Top Ten List

Want to nominate a Site for YPA’s Next Top 10 Event?

Created in 2003, YPA’s Top Ten Best Preservation Opportunities in the Pittsburgh Area is an opportunity to spotlight historic sites in your community that may be endangered but have a good chance for survival and reuse. You know your community best, so YPA encourages you to nominate a prominent historic structure or site in your community to be part of our “Top Ten” List (more than one property may be nominated). Supporting documents are encouraged.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of sites are eligible?ypa top 10 event

YPA is looking for properties that have not yet been preserved—historic and architecturally-significant structures threatened with neglect, abandonment, or demolition but have a good chance for survival and reuse.

We are particularly interested in historic structures in City of Pittsburgh neighborhoods. However, sites will also be considered from the nine-county Pittsburgh region: Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Washington, and Westmoreland counties.

What are the Benefits of Listing?
YPA’s Top Ten List demonstrates the economic benefits of historic preservation through restoration and reuse. s a great way to highlight historic development or investment opportunities in your community. YPA publishes an annual report that highlights the Top Ten, which you can use in fundraising appeals. In addition, all Top Ten projects receive an award.

What is the Evaluation Criteria for Top 10 Nominees?

  • Age
    Is the property 50 Years or older?
  • Historical/Architectural Significance
    Does the property have historical or architectural significance?
  • Threats
    Are there significant threats to the property’s integrity?
  • Community Input
    Has the local community been involved in trying to mitigate the threat or save the property?
  • Feasibility of Solution
    If there is a plan to save this property, does it make sense economically?If preserved, can the property be effectively integrated into the neighborhood? Will the plan attract funding or financing?

Nomination Process & Deadline
Use the nomination form here to nominate a historic structure to be included on our list. Complete and submit the form, including a current photo of the site  (YPA also accepts e-mail submissions). We accept nominations for future Top 10 Events on a rolling basis.